Studio Cahoots



One of the hardest choices when starting any business is to pick a name. Not just any name, but the name. What few, simple (and hopefully memorable!) words could represent my business?

So I figure the best place to start is at the beginning. It all boils down to two people – a designer and a client – and an idea, which is about to spark into something magical. Its all about the relationship, the connection.

Cahoots is defined as a collusion, partnership or league. This simple word perfectly encapsulates my business ethos, which is firmly focused on strong connections and working together in partnership.

My mission is to form a creative studio catering to heart-driven business owners who have a great vision, and need help bringing it to life.

Over the past decade, I’ve collected a great bag of skills, in particular the ability to take a brief from a client's head and their heart, and translate this into a tangible visual asset. Its awe-inspiring, satisfying and all round heartening being able to play a part in helping businesses achieve this. It’s what I love, and what keeps me passionate about being a designer.

With many years of education and agency experience under my belt, I leverage my inherent understanding of design principles and intuition to create innovative and meaningful design solutions for my clients.

It’s important to me to provide an environment where clients feel confident that they had found the right fit with a designer, that fundamentally understands them. After all, you are placing a lot of trust into this professional and you want to make sure you’ve got it right! I work in a simple and transparent way to ensure that the process is inclusive, enjoyable and frustration free.

I’m a big believer that while professionalism is always key, in small businesses you can’t (and shouldn't) separate personal from business. We should all have fun, work with people who make us laugh and enjoy what we do as much as possible. Let’s face it, no one’s paying us for our holidays, sick days or superannuation so there’s got to be some upside to self-employment! 

Based in Melbourne’s inner west, I am ideally placed in one of Australia’s most creative and dynamic cities. I never stop learning, growing and evolving, and bring this creative energy and enthusiasm to each and every project I create. 

My focus is on brand identity design/make-overs and print design, but I equally love working with clients on more unique deliverables, from hand drawn illustrations or patterns to product packaging, and everything you can imagine in between!  

If you are a heart driven business owner and you’ve got an idea you want to turn into a reality, let's get in cahoots and talk business!